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ZetaSoftware: “Due to the product and the service, I will always choose WorkWithPlus”

ZetaSoftware, the administrative and accounting management application, doubled its productivity and flexibility with our products WorkWithPlus for Web and WorkWithPlus for BI.

ZetaSoftware is a Uruguayan company that serves different market segments for administrative, commercial and accounting management. From small businesses to the simplest accounts, in ZetaSoftware you will find a complete, collaborative and unique solution.

ZetaSoftware has been a SaaS solution (100% in the cloud) since 2006, making it the first company in Uruguay to offer this type of software without investment, without installation, and providing the opportunity to work from anywhere and on any device, just by accessing an Internet connection and a web browser.

The company was born in 2000 in Rosario (Colonia, Uruguay) and today it has over 30,000 users and 12,000 client companies throughout the country. Mario Celano, Founder and Director of ZetaSoftware, says that they came to settle in Montevideo in 2011, the same year they started using the WorkWithPlus suite to develop their application, and since then they have always opted for the Design System and patterns functionalities that are offered. “We achieved a technologically up-to-date version, with the potential for permanent updating and new features on a regular basis”.

Since the beginning, the company has opted for GeneXus as their only development tool. However, when the WorkWithPlus pattern was added, they were able to focus even more on the core of the business. The WorkWithPlus product, innovation and development team, is in a constantly aiming to optimize productivity and automation, creating more attractive features and patterns for all users.

Mario Celano Meyer

“I was on my way to perform a demo of our product, and in that half hour that I had to show it, our potential
client had to see something very attractive, something that would seem obvious, but that was the opposite of what some programmers were doing at that time. We gave extreme importance to the interface, to simplicity of use, to making it easy and understandable. And the truth is that I never imagined that this could be automated, until I discovered WorkWithPlus and its wonderful patterns”,
says Mario.

Technological evolution was always an aspect that was essential to ZetaSoftware, that need to be able to adapt to technological advances and always be at the forefront with its users. In this sense, Mario remarks that with WorkWithPlus they could rest assured that they will always count on it thanks to the upgrades that are released every three months. Mario tells that “today, WorkWithPlus has evolved into something that is always one step ahead of what we need, and that many times we didn't even know we could apply it. This outsourcing of the entire product interface was strategically very successful. WorkWithPlus is giving us new ideas to apply immediately. They go ahead and allow you to focus on your business, on the core of the application, while they provide that advance in technology, that being up-to-date that seems fantastic to me. We all win, starting with our customers”.

ZetaSoftware's greatest challenge was to offer a management tool that works perfectly, that does not generate problems for users who use it on a daily basis for invoicing, administration and accounting, and that allows a certain flexibility of adaptation. And in this regard, Mario Celano explains that there are certain unexpected features that took him by surprise and that today they can offer to their users: “Nice surprises appeared, such as WorkWithPlus for Business Intelligence (BI). Today, we are offering all our clients a remarkable tool to build dynamic reports and answer specific questions that are needed at a given moment. With WorkWithPlus for Business Intelligence, users can generate and assemble their own reports without having to resort to the typical reports that are already made. That gives them a tremendous added value, something that I would not have imagined being able to have in the application in such an integrated, simple and accessible way”.

In addition, since a couple of years back, they have also been using WorkWithPlus templates for their own institutional website. In other words, both the application and the ZetaSoftware website have been developed with GeneXus and WorkWithPlus. For this they worked together with the DVelop team. “We designed a specific look for ZetaSoftware. We wanted to create something that is part of our institutional identity and that is very minimalist. A lot of work was done aesthetically and also thinking about a dark mode version, and in GeneXus we managed to make the commercial application itself also our website, where we have 100% control of everything we want to say, in addition to the backoffice, all in one go in an integrated way. We focus on what the customer likes and is interested about, and it is working very well”. The same as with WorkWithPlus, Mario is confident that Low-Code platforms such as GeneXus, used in conjunction with WorkWithPlus, are really the best option in terms of productivity and automation, without losing the attractive design and excellent UX.

At ZetaSoftware they have two developers who are responsible for the application. “Today the user really demands an experience equal to the one he has with apps made by other companies, such as Google. Making these types of screens or websites by hand is no longer an option. I really think that the synergy between GeneXus and WorkWithPlus is amazing. Because of the product and the service, I will always choose WorkWithPlus”.

Quantitative data about the KB

    • WorkWithPlus instances: 695
    • Analysis cubes: 13
    • Total KB objects: 6001


App preview:

WorkWithPlus for BI - Zetasoftware
ZetaSoftware App using WorkWithPlus for BI
Zetasoftware dark mode
Zetasoftware App in Dark Mode
Zetasoftware dark mode
Zetasoftware App in Dark Mode
Zetasoftware Web

ZetaSoftware App using WorkWithPlus for Web

Zetasoftware Web

ZetaSoftware App using WorkWithPlus for Web

Zetasoftware Web

ZetaSoftware App using WorkWithPlus for Web


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