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Testimonies that inspire: Virginia Barboza

The Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) is the Uruguayan state agency in charge of monetary policy and the stability of the financial system.

The company has been using WorkWithPlus for almost two years to develop its applications with GeneXus.

Recently, we spoke with Virginia Barboza, Head of the BCU Development Team, who gave us her testimony about her experience and that of her team, using the products and features of WorkWithPlus 15.

"What WorkWithPlus gives us the most is the possibility of automating the development of lines of code, of continuing as a standard and of having many things in the same way. This took us a long time, and we have been able to simplify all these processes," he highlights. .

We are proud to offer solutions that not only satisfy the needs of our clients, but also make a real difference to the development experience at GeneXus. From reducing development time to providing exceptional custom designs and advanced automation tools, we believe this testimonial can inspire and benefit our entire community.

Virginia also remarked: "I would tell someone who does not have WorkWithPlus, that they should be encouraged to use it, that they experiment. We started with a pilot project in which we grew little by little, and today we already have three or four applications with the tool, and we have been training staff, which is important. We have also had the support of the company in what we need. So it was a good experience, and I think that the tool really allows us to optimize a lot of work time, and allows us to really generate applications. With better design interfaces, more appropriate, and a better user experience (UX)."

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And if you are interested in continuing to train yourself or your development staff, we invite you to visit our Learning site.

Here's her full testimony: