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OKARATech: “If you do the cost-benefit analysis in development man-hours, WorkWithPlus provides a lot of time savings”

The Uruguayan-Argentine company, OKARATech, manages to optimize its development processes with WorkWithPlus on its multi-tenant platform.

OKARATech is a Uruguayan-Argentine company, with operations at a regional level, such as Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and Paraguay, and is an Agrospatial Intelligence platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. “It is an innovative cloud computing platform through applications to manage business data from various sources, including geographic precision agriculture data, and support its processing and transformation into useful and contextualized information for decision makers. We link data relevant to the agricultural business within its production context to support farmers’ decisions.”

They began operations in 2014 with their own pattern, and in 2018, they carried out a migration and began using GeneXus and WorkWithPlus for the development of their projects. They use our WorkWithPlus for Web product for their platform daily.

Leonardo Cristalli (CEO) and Lucas Cristalli (CTO) are part of the OKARATech team, and lead a team of about 20 people, with 7 permanent developers, and others outsourced, for the development of its platform, and the commercialization of its technology services at the regional level.

The need to change from their own pattern to another solution was mainly because they did not feel that they were specialists in maintaining it. For this reason, they saw it necessary to carry out a migration, and that was when they chose WorkWithPlus, due to the advantages it offered over other solutions, and because of our evolution. “Many things are solved with WorkWithPlus. The work is much more optimal, and we are much calmer with WorkWithPlus. If there are things that cannot be resolved, these are very specific things, because development is really much faster, more than anything, because in a large part of the GeneXus world, the developer lacks training in front end, in UI and so on, and they are not able to obtain an interface according to the design one wants. With WorkWithPlus you do not have to worry about the interface or any of those design and UX elements, because it is generated 100% by WorkWithPlus,” Lucas highlighted.

At OKARATech they also need technology that supports and works well for multitenants. For them it was one of their biggest challenges to solve. Lucas also explains that: “Our platform is multi-tenant, and we need certain parameters to be added. In this we gradually looked to make it work as automatically as possible, based on the structure that we have, which is quite complex. From that side the experience has been very good, because we do 90% of the things with WorkWithPlus. We always talk to the WorkWithPlus team and try to solve it, and many times they give us an upgrade or a solution for us. It is a much more optimal job because we have already solved most of the things.”

Leo okaratech 2Leonardo Cristalli, CEO of OKARATech, at a WorkWithPlus talk, GX30, 2023

Lucas also added that: “When we defined the interface, we defined it based on the templates that WorkWithPlus already had because they were very well done. It really gives you a very big advantage, since it allows you to have a very good part and that gives you peace of mind.”

Germán Bertolotti, who is part of the OKARATech team that works with WorkWithPlus, explained to us that: “it is very practical for us to be able to rely on the pattern to adjust the UX with UI, taking components from what already existed, and thus being able to redistribute and customize some details at hand. It really gives you a lot of flexibility, and a lot of agility to go into production.”

Lucas highlighted to us that the biggest advantage they saw in working with WorkWithPlus was the savings in development time.

“If you do the cost-benefit analysis in development man-hours, the truth is that for the front end, which is basically what WorkWithPlus solves the most in these cases, there are a lot of time savings. Perhaps the savings are less than half of what it took to do a development, for issues that require a bit of design on the front. In WorkWithPlus, if you arrange the settings the way you want everything to look, WorkWithPlus solves everything automatically and the time savings are very great in that sense. I really recommend using WorkWithPlus.”

We had the pleasure of learning more about OKARATech's experience at the last GX30, where Leonardo Cristalli told about his journey using WorkWithPlus, and the challenge that his project involved being a multi-tenant. If you are interested in learning more, you can relive it here.


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