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ORT University student experience: “WorkWithPlus has been the catalyst that accelerated our development experience at GeneXus to new heights”

Nicolás Romero and Otto Gossweiler, students of the Programmer Analyst degree at the ORT Uruguay University, used the WorkWithPlus tools in their final degree project created with GeneXus.

At WorkWithPlus, one of our objectives year after year is to support future generations both to encourage children and adolescents who do not yet know what to study, to consider STEM careers, as well as young people who are already studying careers in IT. , to encourage them and help them learn about our tools and thus enhance their development experience in GeneXus.

Last year, Nicolás and Otto, who were completing their degree in Programming Analyst at ORT University, carried out a development project as their final project. Together with their teacher, Alejandra Caggiano, they approached us with the proposal, and we found it fascinating that they could use WorkWithPlus in their project, and live the development experience in a global way, providing them not only with the tools, but also training and technical support. “We were able to work fluidly and efficiently, allowing us to focus on creating a quality product that far exceeded the customer's expectations. The end result was an application that not only met the project requirements, but also provided an exceptional user experience.”

Nicolás highlighted: “WorkWithPlus has been the catalyst that accelerated our development experience at GeneXus to new heights. Its innovative tools and developer-centric approach have allowed us to unleash our creativity without limits, transforming ideas into realities surprisingly quickly and efficiently. Without leaving aside the great user experience it provides.” It really fills us with pride to know the experience behind our users, and it is what empowers us to continue improving year after year.

We also highlight the emphasis that they told us in relation to their experience regarding design and user experience. “The design and UX experience when using WorkWithPlus invites the user to work, motivating with its usability and ability to customize it, generating an individual and personal environment for each user.”

The recommendations and feedback from all our users are our driving force to continue creating truly powerful features that improve the work of developers in the community around the world. For that reason, we are always interested in knowing if our users would recommend our tools. Nicolás highlighted that, “WorkWithPlus is not just a tool, it is an indispensable work companion in the exciting world of GeneXus development. “Its unparalleled quality, unwavering support from the support team, and ability to drive innovation make it a must-have asset for any development team.”

We are very happy to have been able to collaborate with Nicolás and Otto in their final year project as Programming Analysts at the ORT Uruguay University. We are always open to more students learning about and trying WorkWithPlus and having the opportunity to enhance their development experience in GeneXus. It was a pleasure to have been able to collaborate with them and we hope to continue supporting more students in the future.