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BLU SRL incorpora IA em seu ERP, Vyvace, com o poder do WorkWithPlus

Vyvace é um dos primeiros ERPs desenvolvidos na Itália baseados em Inteligência Artificial. Eles foram capazes de incorporar todo o poder da IA ​​graças à funcionalidade mais recente que faz parte da Upgrade #2 do WorkWithPlus 15: AI Intent-based navigation e GeneXus Enterprise AI.

This feature allows you to create a new user experience based on user intent. That is, users can request a certain expected result and, through AI, it is automatically shown to them.

The objective of BLU SRL is to achieve a personalized solution where interaction with the user reaches levels of automation never seen before. Giuseppe Colucci and his team began developing Vyvace a year ago, and today it is possible to issue a complete invoice, manage large warehouses, place a customer order, among many other possibilities. Currently, they are in the process of developing a new module for business accounting management and soon a POS for direct sales management.

Regarding WorkWithPlus I think it was a great choice, we are happy to use it, but I think more important is the efficiency that the WorkWithPlus team offers us when there are problems. They are always present and respond quickly to our request”. - Giuseppe Colucci.

In 2024, BLU SRL plans to add even more features to their ERP, Vyvace, using all the power of WorkWithPlus and AI.

If you want to incorporate all the power of AI in your applications with GeneXus, we invite you to download the trial version of WorkWithPlus, which is completely free, or schedule a demo to learn more.