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Discover the WorkWithPlus community

We invite you to meet the WorkWithPlus community! In this article, we'll explore the importance of our community and how we seek to empower it.


In a world in constant transformation, where agility and decentralization are the norm, we are convinced of the importance of forming synergies and communities with a common purpose. Being part of a community gives us a sense of belonging, and encourages mutual growth. It gives us the opportunity to be part of a collective, share experiences with other people who share our path, context, expectations and challenges.

That is why, since our beginnings, at WorkWithPlus, we have maintained a clear focus: our community is at the heart of everything we do. Every new feature we develop, every support incident we resolve, every course, onboarding or webinar we run, it's all about giving our customers the best product platform possible, backed by an exceptional team.

Over 5,000 developers in more than 35 countries trust WorkWithPlus to power their developments. This global community encourages us to constantly innovate, seeking to improve and find new ways to enhance the GeneXus work experience. We are proud to know that we contribute to creating innovative solutions that have a real impact on people's lives.



WorkWithPlus' global presence allows us to serve a wide variety of markets and industries. This diversity inspires us to develop functionalities that adapt to diverse needs, always providing 100% flexibility. Each new version we release is designed to allow our clients to create powerful applications, following the latest trends and in record time. We know that the world needs more and more software and we want to make sure that development teams that rely on WorkWithPlus can achieve high levels of productivity and quality.

We are always excited about the support we receive from our community. Whether it's events, webinars, or courses, we pride ourselves on the dedication and commitment of our community. We have customers who have been with us for over 15 years, and we are extremely grateful for their trust and continued support. We really appreciate that you choose us every day!

Beyond providing an excellent tool, we seek to support them with a support team that can help our customers with any questions or problems. Our technical support team is committed to providing fast, high-quality service. With an average response time of 3 hours and high levels of satisfaction, our team is always ready to help solve problems and provide concrete solutions. We seek to work side by side with the development teams, offering advice and strategies to make the most of the capabilities of our products.

At WorkWithPlus, we understand the importance of continuous training. From training programs to official certifications, we are committed to helping our users reach their full potential. Our certification program, released during 2022, already has more than 200 developers who have obtained their WorkWithPlus certification. We want our users to be able to boost their professional career by adding their WorkWithPlus certification, and always have updated courses, and provided by our experts to make the most of all the features that we are releasing.

We complement this with the generation of content. We constantly update our social networks and documentation platform to keep the community informed about the best practices and the latest news from WorkWithPlus and the world of GeneXus. We recommend that you follow us on our social networks to find out everything!

And of course, if we talk about community, we cannot forget our distributors who play an essential role in our ecosystem. We work closely with more than 20 distributors around the world to provide close and personalized attention. Our distributors are essential to us and we thank them for joining us, and choosing us.

At WorkWithPlus, we are grateful for the community we have built in these 15 years. Our customers, the various markets we serve, and our distributors are the foundation of our growth. As we move forward, our commitment remains to provide exceptional solutions, cultivate strong relationships, and contribute to the continued success of everyone in the WorkWithPlus community.

Photo source: WorkWithPlus event at Montevideo, Uruguay. October 2022.

We are very excited to meet again in person with this beautiful community during the GX30. It will be an incredible opportunity to talk, have a coffee and continue building synergies and projects together.

If you are not yet a part, we invite you to join the WorkWithPlus community. Whether as a user or user, certified professional or distributor, we would like to work together. We will wait for you!